Dedicated to uniting Athletes with disablities and Partner Athletes.

Growing The Game.

Uniting Our Community.

Our Mission Statement

Unified lacrosse strives to benefit the community by fostering the growth of lacrosse through the collaboration of athletes and partner athletes. We wish to spread the positive values of lacrosse, such as teamwork, hard-work, and sportsmanship. Above all, we endeavor to eradicate the barrier between the disabled and non-disabled; ultimately, uniting the community.


We survive on donations. So, any and all contributions are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Participate and volunteer! We happily accept everyone willing to commit to the message behind Unified Lacrosse.

Unified Lacrosse was founded by high schoolers! Learn about us and our great board of directors.

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8702 E Mineral Cir

Colorado Unified Lacrosse